About Me

My Background

After studying ceramics at Falmouth Collage of Arts I went on to buy my own kiln and set up a small studio in the garden shed. I married my husband Paul while at University and he has always been an amazing support to me starting out as an artist especially as he is a designer himself. We now live in the lovely village of Fittleworth in West Sussex with our three daughters.

My Medium

I use mainly porcelain in my work as I love its pure white and translucent properties. It can be quite tricky to work with but I fell in love with it the first time I used it and haven't looked back. I don't use a pottery wheel but prefer to use the slab technique and have developed my own way of building sculptures through trial and error.

In contrast I also enjoy working with stoneware and using a much more tactile approach to my work.

My Inspiration

I love to take inspiration from the beauty of living in the countryside and the surrounding natural world. I was also heavily influenced from my time in Cornwall surrounded by such a rich variety of arts and crafts.